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Saturday, December 12, 2009

New widget on blog!

Just thought I would share this:

Sign by Danasoft - Get Your Free Sign

I know what you is up to.... hehehehe!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prime Mover Review

Review - Prime Mover
Author: Joe Hupp

Prime Mover is a adrenaline-packed, diesel-charged movie starring:

Michael Dorman as Thomas
Emily Barclay as Melissa
Ben Mendelsohn as Johnnie
Gyton Grantley as Repo Man 1
William McInnes as Phil
Anthony Hayes as Salesman / Mechanic / Business Man / Foreman
Andrew S. Gilbert as Thomas' Dad
Lynette Curran as Mrs Boyd
Jeanette Cronin as Melissa's Mum
Anni Finsterer as Thomas' Mum
Scott McLean as Repo 2 'Jimmy'

All the trucks were sourced in Dubbo or surrounds, as was the service station, the pub and transport depot. How they made the scene of the service station and the transport depot into one continuous item is beyone me - but they did a bloody terrific job!

Dorman, as Thomas McCully (who is a real life pinstriper who lives out at Wongarbon), fills the main character's role easily.... when he falls in love with Melissa, things take an about-turn when she drops the bombshell that she is pregnant.....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Utes In The Paddock

This is the latest tourism endeavour in central NSW - called Utes In The Paddock, it epitomises the quintessential Aussie vehicle, the ute! To see more, go to Utes In The Paddock by clicking on the text to the left of this writing!

One of the utes in the collection is "Clancy Stops The Overflow" by Peter Mortimore! Here you can see this ute:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

4932MO - Langley's of Dubbo Leyland Atlantean #2830

This old bus is another of those memory jerkers - it's a old Leyland Atlantean double decker! I have caught this bus when I was younger as it was transport for our Year 10 formal, the final one for Delroy High as it was known then!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Subaru Legacy Boxer Diesel - a test drive

Further to my post on the Aussie spec Subaru Outback 2.0D from 2 weeks ago today, this is a European spec Liberty, known as the Legacy, with the Boxer Diesel engine.... test driven in The Netherlands!


Eamon McCann - Livin' On Love

A wonderful Irish cover of Alan Jackson's big hit, Livin' On Love! I am honoured to have Eamon as a friend on MySpace - he has a wonderful cover of Randy Travis's Three Wooden Crosses which he performed live at the NICMA! Will post this one later!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chain Of Love - Mike Denver

Just a quick test to see if I can embed YouTube videos into here - and it seems to me that it has been successful! This test video is of a wonderful cover version of Clay Walker's Chain Of Love, done by Irishman Mike Denver!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Subaru Outback Boxer Diesel

It is a very exciting time at Subaru Australia - the new MY10 Liberty and Outback have been released.... a very exciting upcoming release is the MY10 Outback Boxer Diesel!

As soon as the Subaru dealer in Dubbo, Sainsbury Automotive, gets a diesel Outback in, I am heading down for a look and will report back here after the day!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Lovely Island Home - Daniel O'Donnell

This video on Youtube is of a poem Daniel O'Donnell's mother, Julia, wrote about the island she lived on off the coast of Aramoor, Co. Donegal, Ireland!
If you are in Australia, are a Bigpond internet customer and would love a copy, go to
If not, try your local music shop!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today's fun!

Hi all,

Just an update on my blog post last weekend:

Well, the paintball game was today - not only my first time, but one of our fellow female competitors! But there was a ad being filmed and John Ryan, our local WIN News journo, had the honour of getting on the scissor-lift and filming! Problem is he did not know how to lower the scissor from the basket! I had to lower it twice!

Ah well, 1000 paintballs and hire of the marker was $60 for the whole day - lunch and drinks included!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paintball game

I thought I had better update my blog with the happenings for the week!
I will start with Monday - Friday - work, work and more work while Saturday is almost a day in town!
Sunday is the day I am looking forward to - playing paintball at Player's Paintball on the corner of the Newell Highway and Camp Road in Dubbo! They're filming a new advert for TV and I am playing for that! And yes, it is my first time at it! Today marks 7 more sleeps till then! Am I excited - I am looking damned forward to it! Will update the blog Sunday night!
Take care and have a safe week,

Monday, July 27, 2009

2008 Toyota HiAce LWB D-4D van

I had the opportunity today to have a look at a new style Toyota HiAce LWB van - this one had the 3 litre common rail direct injection D-4D 4 cylinder intercooled turbo diesel engine with EGR (same as in the HiLux ute and Prado 4WD Wagon range) and the 5 speed manual with dash mounted lever! It belongs to the local branch of Avis Truck Rental - I know the fellas who work/run it well! You can hardly tell it is running until you lay the boot into the far right pedal! Then it roars - I had the seat up to check the oil as they never checked it.... anyway I decided to start the engine while the seat was up! It was quiet till I gave it a good stab on the right pedal - then it opened up! The only con it has (that I can see anyway) is the location of the intercooler - right behind the lift-up front inspection panel!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A new inspirational blog

Hi all,

I have been reading this week's That's Life! - I read a very touching story from a very brave young lady named Tara Panayis. Tara suffered from psuedoarthrosis - psuedoarthrosis is a rare condition where the tibia bone bends to create a false joint. Rather than endure years of pain, Tara decided she would rather have her lower leg amputated and wear a prosthetic leg.

You can read all about Tara and her family's journey here: or visit my profile's - - Blogs I Follow section - I am following their blog!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A big apology

Hi all,

A big apology for not blogging!

I'm just in negotiations with a mate who is in negotiations with a cocky who has a old Magirus Deutz truck from 1964! I would love to buy it - provided the price is right! Equipped with a aircooled V8 engine (possibly a F8L413), this truck is awesome - in this case this is a dream come true!

Will post photos when they become available!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wednesday May 6th, 2009 - made possible with thanks to Ogden's Coaches Dubbo and their driver, Adam Hamilton
by Joe Hupp
All times in this review are approximate

Depature time: 0730:

Boarded our flash six star Mercedes O500RF-3 luxury touring coach (pictured above is the exact vehicle) at Ogden's depot at 86 Mountbatten Drive, East Dubbo. Headed off right on time! Had to stop to pick up a couple from Geurie who didn't want to drive to Dubbo and leave their car at the depot! Onwards through Wellington (a brief detour through town due to roadworks), Molong and Orange (a quick detour up the Northern Distributor Road and out through William Street back onto the Mitchell Highway), Lucknow and through fog 20 km west of and into Bathurst where we stopped for a 40 minute smoko break at 1000.

Depature time, Bathurst, 1040:
Departed from Bathurst on time - through Kelso and Raglan. Yetholme and Mt. Lambie passed with a blur! Into Lithgow, out down River Lett Hill and up Victoria Pass. Through the Mountains and onto the M4 motorway into Sydney. Arrived at the Citigate Central Hotel at 1345 and checked in. Went to our rooms and off to wander Market City, Central Station, etc.

Departure time, Citigate Central Hotel, 1730:
Left our hotel on time - problem was we hit bumper-to-bumper traffic! Heading up through Five Dock, traffic was crawling along slowly.... stupid semi-trailer driver hogging Lane 2 where we had to go! Arrived at Acer Arena at 1845 with time to spare - checked through the turnstiles and got to our seats. All support acts had finished by 2105 and Kix and Ronnie came out! Played about a dozen songs - one of my favourite songs is Neon Moon and they played it third song into the set!

Departure time, Acer Arena, 2245:
Left Acer Arena and headed back to the hotel. Arrived back at the hotel at about 2330 and most of us went to bed!

7/5/09 - my birthday, 0615:
Woke up and opened the curtains - holy struth, didn't expect to see the two 747's after taking off from Mascot! Watched some news and packed while I was doing so!

Went down to the lobby and waited for everyone else to come down for breakfast! No-one came by 0655 so I checked in, grabbed something to eat and sat down! No longer than 4 minutes after I sat down, most of the gang arrived! We sat and ate breakfast till about 0825 then back up to our rooms!

Checked out and waited for the coach to come around! Adam, our driver, arrived at 0840 and loaded our gear into the coach's underfloor bins.... about to head off and realised we were missing three people! They arrived on time.... just!

Departed the hotel - ever tried to turn a 13.5m long coach around in a 4m wide street???? Three goes and Adam got applause from all passengers for getting her around! Off across the Harbour Bridge, into the Lane Cove Tunnel (LCT), onto the Hills M2, Westlink M7 and SWR M4 Motorways onto Westfield Penrith - arrived at 1000! Shopping till 1300!

Departure time, Westfield Penrith, 1300:
Departed Westfield Penrith - back out onto Mulgoa Road, onto the Gt. Western Highway up through Emu Plains and back onto the end of the M4 Motorway and up Lapstone Hill! Saw a mate of mine with his "pretend" semi with a Isuzu GVD prime mover on it! Up to Mt. Victoria and turn off the highway and up over the Darling Causeway. Onwards to Bell, left onto the Bells Line of Road! Down Scenic Hill into Lithgow! Back onto the Gt. Western Highway at Macca's in Lithgow! Onwards to Bathirst (as per 6/5/09 at 1000 - but dinner this time!) - arriving at 1555 and departing 1635!

Departure time, Bathurst, 1635:
Departed Bathurst - back onto the highway and off through Lucknow, Orange (a quick detour up the Northern Distributor Road and out through William Street back onto the Mitchell Highway), Molong and through Wellington (a brief detour through town due to roadworks)! Stopped at Geurie at about 1815 to allow two passengers we picked up on the way down off to go home! Anyway, 10 mins away from home, Adam got onto the microphone to tell us what was gonna happen and, shock horror, told people that it was my birthday! Did I get a shock - everyone sang Happy Birthday to me and gave Adam three cheers then it was onwards into the depot in East Dubbo!

Presentation of the driver: 5/5
Trip conduction: 5/5
Vehicle presentation*: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Driver knowledge#: 5/5
Concert: 10000/10000

*includes inside, outside and in driver's and passenger's quarters
#includes what to do in and around the given area where you will be at any given time

(C) Joe Hupp 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bring on Sydney!

Finally made it to Friday May 1, 2009! It has been a bloody long almost 4 months but the big day arrived yesterday! I am officially on my first ever annual leave from my job in almost 3 years! I am off to see Brooks & Dunn, Adam Harvey & Dierks Bentley at Acer Arena in Sydney on Wednesday May 6, 2009! The only thing is I'm getting nervous just sitting here writing this blog! I cannot believe this, just sitting here thinking about it makes me wanna get up and dance!

One thing I am going to request from people is that they refrain from emailing me while I am away from the date mentioned above at 7:30am till Thursday May 7 at 7:30pm.... this is to ensure my inbox doesn't fill up and bounce important emails back to their senders! If things are important, please call me on my moblile - +61439895121 or 0439895121 from within Australia - I will respond promptly!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bringing back memories

This old coach holds some special memories for me... I have had the privilege of being able to catch her on several occasions as a 7 year old!
Seeing this picture brought back some of those memories - those of hot summer days with the airconditioning going and the reclining seats!
I got all teary when I saw this picture as it's been almost 17 years since I saw this old girl and it's quite good to see she is still working and enjoying carrying people! Although someone has taken the time to re-powdercoat the wheel rims and re-chrome the wheel nuts - she's still as beautiful as the day I first saw her!
Time may never change a person or a object, such as this old girl - the older we get, the wiser we quite often become!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


G'day friends,

Welcome to this, my new blog! This is where I will keep all of you who want to read this updated with my random thoughts and words of wisdom! Feel free to comment on what I am saying - I am open to suggestions for what to write.... so if you have any requests for stuff from me, feel free to email me - - and ask me! I don't bloody bite!