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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prime Mover Review

Review - Prime Mover
Author: Joe Hupp

Prime Mover is a adrenaline-packed, diesel-charged movie starring:

Michael Dorman as Thomas
Emily Barclay as Melissa
Ben Mendelsohn as Johnnie
Gyton Grantley as Repo Man 1
William McInnes as Phil
Anthony Hayes as Salesman / Mechanic / Business Man / Foreman
Andrew S. Gilbert as Thomas' Dad
Lynette Curran as Mrs Boyd
Jeanette Cronin as Melissa's Mum
Anni Finsterer as Thomas' Mum
Scott McLean as Repo 2 'Jimmy'

All the trucks were sourced in Dubbo or surrounds, as was the service station, the pub and transport depot. How they made the scene of the service station and the transport depot into one continuous item is beyone me - but they did a bloody terrific job!

Dorman, as Thomas McCully (who is a real life pinstriper who lives out at Wongarbon), fills the main character's role easily.... when he falls in love with Melissa, things take an about-turn when she drops the bombshell that she is pregnant.....

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