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Friday, August 26, 2011

Random ramblings issue 1

Here's my condensed random ramblings, the first of many

1. Tuesday's truck photography session netted me 11 reasonably brilliant photos - one truck in particular I was surprised to get - pic at bottom.

2. I have a truck photoshoot currently in the planning stages - a Scania P420 with a quad axle Steelbro MkIII SB361 sidelifter. Any assistance would be graciously accepted!!!

3. A lot of medical problems are preventing me from doing the things I really love! This is moreso evident with my back - 2 displaced vertebrae (L4 and L5 - L5 8mm forward and L4 9mm backward) and severe misalignment of the remaining vertebrae is causing pain.

Freightliner Argosy BJ52TC and Jackson Transport Bodies Tilt-Slide Semi W30549
Owned by Outback Recovery Service, Dubbo, NSW, Australia
See point 1 above for details of shoot this came from

Stay tuned for Issue 2, coming soon!

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