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Friday, March 16, 2012

Coach Comparision - Denning Decker vs Scania K480EB 6x2*4

Scania K480EB 6x2*4 TV5594

This blog entry is a comparision between two coaches in the Langley's Coaches fleet, a Denning Decker (TV5580) and the above coach, a Scania K480EB 6x2*4 (TV5594)

Denning Decker TV5580
First things first: these are two totally different coaches.... the Scania has a 12 litre SCR Euro V engine and a 12 speed Opticruise AMT while the Denning has a Detroit Diesel Series 60 with a Eaton UltraShift Plus AMT.

The Series 60/UltraShift Plus is nowhere near as smooth or easy shifting as the 12 litre Scania/12 speed Opticruise - the UltraShift Plus would not let the Series 60 lug down to 1000rpm and would be changing down a lot higher than the Scania's Opticruise.... the Opticruise would let the Scania's engine lug down to 1000rpm before grabbing a lower gear.... smoothly!

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