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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bella and Jet - Dolphin Marine Magic

Readers of this blog may remember a blog entry I did back in 2012 after my first visit to Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour ( this is a follow-up to this entry after my latest visit.

Jet - one of the dolphins you may interact with at Dolphin Marine Magic
I had an opportunity to meet Jet, pictured above, up close during my latest in-water interaction at Dolphin Marine Magic. He is such a cheeky little fella and he knows it! During the interaction, we got to pat Jet on the back and the belly - he enjoys his pats so much he allows his whole body to relax... this in turn relaxes his peduncle (the part of his back from behind his dorsal fin down to his tail flukes) which then causes his tail flukes to relax and drop.... this made for some laughs! The more we laughed, the more Jet would do it!

Bella - Jet's big sister and the first dolphin I ever interacted with at Dolphin Marine Magic
I was extremely surprised when I got to spend time with Bella (pictured above) in the main pool. Bella was the first dolphin I ever got to interact with on my first visit to Dolphin Marine Magic back in 2012 - what an amazing experience to be able to reacquaint with her in the main pool.... and to say that means a lot to me as she never forgot me! I was the first person she came up to with a ball to play with....

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