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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Uniden iGo CAM 320 - Overview of Drive Video Recorders

The Uniden iGo CAM 320 is a basic entry level DVR that is ideal if you're new to owning a DVR. It does miss out on a lot of the features of the higher end iGO's, such as GPS and speed display in the end video, but what it lacks at this end, it makes up for in quality. I purchased mine from Autobarn Dubbo at the recent Orana Caravan, Camping, 4WD, Fish and Boat Show for $50 - RRP is $90.

How a DVR works:
It works on a similar format to a digital handycam (camcorder) but instead of holding it yourself, you use a special mount that is included in the kit when you purchase your DVR. You attach your DVR to this mount, then it attaches to your windscreen using a suction cup. The iGo CAM 320 is powered by a battery that gives you 25 minutes record time before it depletes or can be powered by a power cable that hooks to the unit via your cigarette lighter. I have a specially set-up 12V/120W power outlet in my car that I use to power it - makes it easier with a smoker in the car!

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