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Sunday, May 10, 2015

A birthday I'll never forget - not in a million years

There are times when you wish a day so special would come - I had that opportunity for that special day last Thursday.... here is what happened!

I booked a Shallow Dolphin Experience at Dolphin Marine Magic in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia back in late February/early March (cost me A$195) - I arrived at Dolphin Marine Magic last Thursday to check in for said Shallow Experience. When I arrived, Paul, the bookings agent who took the prior Shallow Experience booking, said that the bookings staff had some very brilliant news. I walked over to the bookings counter and handed the lady there my waiver form - then she gave me my wristbands. I looked at the wristband on my left wrist - it was only then I was told that my Shallow Experience had been upgraded to the A$370 Ultimate Dolphin Swim.... I had to stand still for a couple of seconds to comprehend what I had been told.... what a interaction it was. Had our pre-encounter briefing session - Paola, the trainer who took us through that, said we were working with Calamity (Bella's mum). I looked at the dolphin who was swimming around behind us and thought to myself, "That isn't Calamity - that's Bella!" and my thoughts were later to become reality when Paola realised it was Bella! I had an absolute ball - my favourite part of the interaction was the foot push where we laid across a body board and Bella pushed us across the pool

Me and Bella - in an up-close hug

Me and Rocky - the trainers got Rocky to smile with me.... I think he outdid me!

Me and Rocky - combined hug/kiss

Me hugging Bucky and Zippy

Kisses from Bucky

Feeding Zippy during the first Marine Magic Presentation

Hand spin with Bella (and the following two photos)

Water fight with Bella - sadly, Bella won!

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